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HR Recruiting and HR Retention of Employees

Do you know the cost to your company for not hiring the best applicant the FIRST time? Turnover costs, including recruiting and training expenses, waste a company’s valuable resources. We can show you how to hire the right person to fit your position and how to reduce employee turnover.

We hired more than 700 employees for our clients last year. Maximizing your workforce for current and future needs is vital for an organization’s profitability. Simplifi’s expert team can work with your company to ensure your current workforce is as effective as it can be and devise a plan for future growth. Recruiting technology allows Simplifi to report back to clients all aspects of the HR recruiting efforts including timelines, candidate status and next activity.

We can offer you a range of services based on your current and future
recruiting and workforce needs.

  • HR Recruiting and HR Retention of EmployeesRecruitment – Selection & Hiring Process
  • Reference Checks, Drug Tests & Finger Printing
  • Application & Onboarding (Orientation)
  • Retention Strategies