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Recruiting in the 2015 Job Market in Columbus Ohio

Recruiting in the 2015 Job Market in Columbus Ohio

The only thing more stressful than having an open position and needing to hire a job candidate to take on all that work is … the work of recruiting the right candidate!

Recruiting Columbus Ohio

Have you found that your current recruiting efforts aren’t working as well as they used to? Having a frustrated recruiter doesn’t help when you are trying to land the next great hire. Here are a few tips to change the way you are seeking new talent:

As of late, there seems to be a power shift to the candidate. With many qualified candidates having several offers at the same time your recruiter is going to have to come up with creative techniques when it comes to “selling” their open position.

Technology: The days of posting an opening in the Sunday paper is dwindling. Most active or even passive job seekers are using mobile platforms when searching and applying for jobs. So spreading your employer brand messages, job openings and events is essential when trying to find the candidate you need.

Proactive Hiring: With high turnover rates it’s important to nurture and build relationships with qualified candidates that have applied for a critical hard to fill position within your company, even when a position isn’t available. So, when a position does become available the pressure of filling that position is lifted.

Persuasive Offers: With in-demand candidates receiving several offers it is important that your recruiter change their approach when making offers to top candidates. Changing the compensation plan, sign on bonuses and talking with the candidate about their acceptance criteria is key.

Why Outsource Recruiting and Hiring?

If you answer yes to any of the following it’s a great reason to consider outsourcing your recruiting efforts to Simplifi HR Solutions. ARE YOU…

  1. Not sure where to source the RIGHT candidates for your open position.
  2. Overwhelmed with all of the resumes you’ve received for one position.
  3. Having a problem getting a qualified candidate on the phone.
  4. Unsure of a thorough prescreen process.
  5. Finding the time to… complete reference checks, background checks, new hire paperwork,On-boarding.


Simplifi HR Solutions can help with all of your staffing needs. Whether it’s a full time position, part time or just need a little help with your seasonal hiring. We have the tools to make your hiring process successful.


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