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Does finding the RIGHT candidate have you buried under a stack of resumes?!

Most recruiting teams base their hiring on what positions they currently have to fill. This type of requisition recruiting typically doesn’t yield the right candidates. Recruiters are overwhelmed and don’t have the time to develop a pipeline of qualified candidates to choose from.

The recruiting team at Simplifi HR Solutions can help.


We all know the feeling when we have an opening we need to fill in a short period of time…STRESS!!!

More than likely you are the only person trying to weed through 200 plus resumes and maybe only 25-50 will be close to being qualified. Once you have climbed the resume mountain, now it’s time to get these qualified candidates on the phone. Good luck, actually getting a candidate on the horn is can be challenging. Let’s face it; we are all busy with our jobs and life in general. People looking for a new job are more than likely still working so their time to speak with you is limited. Once you are able to speak with the candidate then it’s time to ensure they are the right cultural fit for your company. Then, its reference checks, background checks, new hire paperwork etc. WHEW! That’s a lot, and it’s just for one candidate!

How are you ever going to find the time to fill all of your positions and still be able to eat lunch!


If you answer yes to any of the following it’s a great reason to consider outsourcing your recruiting efforts to Simplifi HR Solutions. ARE YOU…

  1. Not sure where to source the RIGHT candidates for your open position.
  2. Overwhelmed with all of the resumes you’ve received for one position.
  3. Having a problem getting a qualified candidate on the phone.
  4. Unsure of a thorough prescreen process.
  5. Finding the time to… complete reference checks, background checks, new hire paperwork,


Simplifi HR Solutions can help with all of your staffing needs. Whether it’s a full time position, part time or just need a little help with your seasonal hiring. We have the tools to make your hiring process successful.

We have many client companies that have decided to ease the stress and outsource their recruiting department to us and have found it’s a great return on their investment. Just look at the testimonial from Lisa Ziegler, CAO of The MacIntosh Company and Bob Santilli, President of Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems.

Simplifi HR Solutions was hired as our HR outsourced strategic partner to handle our day-to-day administrative HR tasks and recruiting, for our five long term care centers and home health business, located in Central Ohio.

MacIntosh’s goal was to have internal resources concentrate on our core business of providing exceptional care to our patients and residents. We wanted to focus our internal HR efforts on strategic direction and projects.

The partnership with Simplifi has helped support this effort. Simplifi administers most of the day to  day HR administrative work and provides onsite HR expertise. Additionally, Simplifi’s recruiting team pre-qualified, sourced, and assisted us to hire over 600 employees last year.

Outsourcing HR was a difficult decision for MacIntosh but it’s one that has worked well for us. Our center administrators and onsite staff are relieved of day to day HR administrative tasks. We encourage other companies to speak with Simplifi about their organizational needs.

– Lisa Ziegler, CAO of The MacIntosh Company.


Simplifi’s team of recruiters are thoughtful in their approach to hiring, with an eye not only on qualifications but carefully analyzing the cultural fit of a job candidate. Simplifi is able to meet an aggressive hiring time-frame for a ramp up hiring effort, and not lose on the quality of candidates or the process.

 – Bob Santilli, President of Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems.

If you are buried and need some exceptional recruiting help CALL US TODAY!